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Imprisoned by Love



SUNDAY  September 28, 2014 5:00pm

Imprisoned by Love

Michael AngeloUSA / 2013 / 90 min. / Fiction

The question is often asked, “Why didn’t you just leave?”  Tracie, a devoted wife and mother, lives every day in fear at the hands of her physically and emotionally abusive husband Gerald. She does everything in her power to make a lifeless marriage work for the sake of her two loving children Jordan and Brittany. In the process, she almost loses everything. She feels trapped and alone in an abusive marriage that is spiraling into a bottomless abyss. Her sister Kim and her good friend Heather serve as the voices of reason, who try to compel her to see light and flee this volatile relationship.  Only time will tell what road Tracie will travel.  Will she stay or will she leave?