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The Mount Vernon Film Festival (MTVFF) is a showcase of extraordinary films from emerging and aspiring artists, filmmakers, and directors that integrate different media formats to produce quality films. The Mount Vernon Film Festival is designed to highlight mount Vernon’s rich historic and diverse culture while celebrationg notable giants like Denzel Washington, Michael O’Keefe, and Michael Imperioli that were born in this great city.  The goal is to link the past and the present while introducing and re-introducing films form both independent and establsihed filmmakers while preparing the youth for a future in film.  In addition, there will be a series of workshops and panel discussions designed to empower the people.  We also have a special category for filmmakers of all ages, who currently live or have lived in Mount Vernon, NY. 

The Mount Vernon Film Festival is a cultural arts initiative–a call to action for individuals to collectively uplift the community and establish programs for the young people of Mount Vernon to engage in the arts for years to come.  This festival is a continuum of the arts initiatives established by Ernest D Davis, the Mayor of Mount Vernon who created events such as “Arts on The 3rd” which attracts over 25,000 people each year.  Through the Mount Vernon Film Festival, our goal is to assist in establishing a framework that essentially will provide the platform to develop these programs. 

We are looking featured films, shorts, narratives, and documentaries in all categories.  .

This event is open to everyone.




The Mount Vernon Film Festival (MtVFF) is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote awareness in independent music, media and art across the globe while encouraging those to develop a greater appreciation and understanding for cultural diversity in film.